Brings the Video.js Media Player to TiddlyWiki 5.


Note: you may need to right click and then choose "download" on some (older) web browsers.

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Video.js Media Player for TiddlyWiki 5

Simply download the  TwTube plugin and then drag and drop it into your TiddlyWiki in order to enjoy the  Video.js Media Player.

TwTube demo wiki screenshot

Wait, there’s more:

Live Demonstration

Take a  live tour to see how TwTube works. And learn more about how to use the TwTube plugin in your own TiddlyWikis.

Skin Plugins

The following additional player skins are available as individual TiddlyWiki 5 plugins. Simply drop one or more of them into your TiddlyWiki. You can then easily switch between the installed media player skins at any time in control panel, using the new Media Player Skins tab.

Skin chooser in Control Panel

Skin Screenshot

Videojs Plugins

The following functional Video.js enhancements are currently available for TwTube:

Simply download the corresponding plugins, then drop them into your TiddlyWiki together with the TwTube plugin.